Travel with Teens


Making the decision to vacation with teenagers is only the first step. The next challenge is to keep that travel grump-free. And we all know that all it takes is one Grumpy Gus or Miserable Molly to derail a perfectly good family trip.

Travel with Teens2022-03-02T20:21:14-05:00

Lessons from our #Expedia RoadTrip


There’s something about setting a goal that seems insurmountable and then taking the steps to make it happen that really resonates with me. We did that with our yearlong trip around the world. We did it again with our recent 30-day Road Trip.

Lessons from our #Expedia RoadTrip2022-03-02T20:14:52-05:00

Road Trip Tales: Our Interview with Eric of KART


Our Road Trip Tales Series ends with this Kick Ass interview with Kick Ass Road Trip company founder Eric. Find out more about this great company he has created for adventure-seeking travellers.

Road Trip Tales: Our Interview with Eric of KART2015-08-05T12:38:57-04:00
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