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Photo friendly: St. Vincent and the Grenadines

Quiet time or quick swim. It's up to you.

When what you’re looking for is an island off the beaten path this grouping doesn’t disappoint. My most recent visit was as part of a press tour but, as it’s also my husband’s homeland, we’ve taken the kids before. Who should go: Individuals looking for a place to reflect, Couples who prefer it quiet and private, families who can entertain themselves and enjoy the outdoors. What you won’t find: Big all-inclusive resorts with kids clubs and chicken fingers, made for tourist experiences, all the comforts of home. What you will find: a choice of quaint bed and breakfasts, an authentic Caribbean experience and high-end properties who haven’t lost their connection with what makes the island special. Where to sleep: The Grenadine House on St. Vincent; Young Island Resort just off shore. Where to Eat: Indian and French cuisine share a menu (surprisingly well!) at The French Verandah; Italian is done well, the views are gorgeous and options are family friendly at Drift. When to go: No time like the present. Italian food done delish at Drift

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With or without them

I love my kids. Love with a capital L. Even when they’re being bad they are so good. And they’re funny and charming and smart. And when I’m with them it’s all I can do not to eat them up. But a funny thing happens to my brain when I’m with them all the time. Not funny haha either. It shrinks. Switches over to the left and forces me to be analytical and fearful and worried. Did I pack enough for their lunches? Did I send the forms for school? What will they eat for dinner? Is there enough time to do homework before bed? And at the end of any given day I’m exhausted. Physically. Mentally. Spiritually. Spent. I’m only partially able to leave that behind when I travel with them.  The fears, funny enough, are a bit less on the road.  We’ve got a plan in most cases and know where we want to be when, how we’ll get there, why we’re going, what we want to see.  With that settled, it’s easier to focus on the smaller fears. Did we bring enough money? Will E be able to sleep without his music? Will Cam keep me up…

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Creams and gels and bath salts, oh my….

One of my favourite things about traveling? Hotel rooms. If I could wiggle my nose  like Samantha in Bewitched and wake up in a hotel room without the hassle of people who don’t know how to share an armrest  and security personnel who view my fruit cup as a security threat, I’d be a happier girl. Happier still if we could skip the airport and drop me directly in the hotel. Fill it with free wi-fi and local calling, add a cool turn-down trinket and call me in the morning. Early in my career I was a hotel toiletry hoarder. At the end of any hotel visit you could assume  that I would be heading home with enough shampoos, conditioners, creams and soaps to keep a small country of really dirty people busy for a long time. After my drawers began to overflow with the stuff, and a gratifying donation to a women’s shelters put me back at square one,  I started to be more picky. Only certain brands made it across the threshold. Aveda? Conditioner yes. Shampoo no. L’Occitane? Almost always yes. And then I bumped into June Jacobs’ products and was blown away. I would just about clap…

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Great Scots

Ask Chris Capaldi why people should visit his homeland of Scotland and he’ll tell you about the rolling hills, romantic history and friendly people.

Ask Paula Quinn the same question and she’ll say, “Chris Capaldi.”

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