Globetrotting Kids: Going home


The whole trip meant a lot to us because we went to places that we never visited before ...

Globetrotting Kids: Going home2012-11-10T06:49:04-05:00

Globetrotting Kids: ZMAR Eco Adventure


A few weeks ago in Portgugal we visited Zmar Eco Resort and Spa. We had a blast and made some new friends.

Globetrotting Kids: ZMAR Eco Adventure2012-11-10T06:52:40-05:00

Globetrotting Kids: Eiffel Tower


Today we went to the Eiffel tower. We were so excited to see the tower that we almost lost the Camera.

Globetrotting Kids: Eiffel Tower2012-11-10T06:52:30-05:00
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