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If you’ve been reading Globetrotting Mama for a while you know I’m a big fan of traveling light.

So you can imagine the grin I broke out into when, while walking through the Vancouver airport this week, a stranger tapped me on the shoulder to compliment my carry-on.

I love your bag!” she said. “It’s cute!”

It’s never happened before, but then this is the first time I’ve had a bag that demanded that kind of reaction.

I’ve been testing out iFly luggage on this trip.

iFLY luggage

I agreed to try out the funky hard shell suitcases that come in motifs that range from “Hello Kitty” to “New York Taxi Cab” to my cheery “Park in Paris” choice. 


iFly Luggage is sold as part of “Viva” – the new online lifestyle brand offering from Best Buy. The electronics and entertainment store is spreading its wings and branching out online to offer products in Personal Care, Health and Wellness, Baby, Naturals,  Beauty and Style. The standalone brand was created in response to a growing online customer base who wanted more than just Best Buy’s standard offerings.

The bags are hard to miss and upgraded my hipster status immediately but I wondered if they’d be able to hold up to the rigours of my travel life.

I’ve had bags split on me, weight restrictions trip me up and handles break at very inopportune moments in the past, and trust me when I say that a carry-on bag is no fun when you actually have to lift and carry it everywhere.Three flights in, I’m loving the 20″ iFly carry-on. Here’s what makes it great:

 * Durability: I was worried that the bag’s pretty exterior might not survive the rigours of modern day travel. Every time I had to put it on the rolling pins ahead of a security checkpoint I winced. But despite its pretty exterior the bag held up. Not a scratch on its hard-sided polycarbonate coating after three flights in a row.

 *  4-Wheel Spinner system: The bag worked well whether walking upright or on a 45-degree angle pull. There was none of the  jerkiness that I’d experienced with other bags, only a smooth gliding motion.

* It’s Expandable:  A well packed carry-on on the way to your destination that can make room for an extra memento and maybe even handle a ride in checked luggage on the way home? Yes, please!


       * Price Point  At $88.99 it’s not a discount bag but for the durability it could be worth it.

       *Interior: Keeps things neat with a zippered compartment on one side and elastic tension strap on the other.

 open suitcase

·      * Lightweight – Weight limits are tough enough. I don’t want a bag that substantially adds to it. 

·      *Design: Like my Vancouver airport admirer, I loved the vibrant design. It was like having my own personality stamp on a bag. The chances of someone walking away with it by accident was slim to none.

·       * Peace of mind: The 5 year manufacturer’s warranty helps here.

But don’t take my word for it. Want a chance to win your own? Leave a comment below telling me where you’d take your carry-on bag and one winner will be selected at random. Want extra chances?  Share the contest on Twitter or Facebook.
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 Good luck! Draw ends on Halloween (Oct. 31)  because nothing is scarier than bad luggage. ;)