There are few things I like more than good food.

And when said food comes my way via an incredible pastry maker and artiste, swooning and drooling are sure to follow.

Last week I was a swooning, drooling fool when Christian Faure, MOF (Meilleur Ouvrier de France Glacier – a distinction that sounds like it’s just short of a knighthood in the pastry world)   brought his pastry skills to the Dish Studios in Toronto. After showing us the technique of making a perfect croissant,  he allowed us to give it a try.


Under his watchful eye we rolled, folded and pinched our own croissants and pains au chocolat to perfection.

And I didn’t leave it in the kitchen.

The extra dough I brought home allowed me to do the same with my boys.  Hanging with them in our kitchen while we made lopsided versions of the original made for great memories.

“Maison Christian Faure” in Montreal offers baking classes for those lucky enough to live in Montreal as well as special events for those simply passing through.  I’m already eyeing the Little Bakers class which run for 3 hours on occasional Sundays and allows a parent and child to learn how to make something together. ($185 for the pair)

Plans are in the works to bring a bakery to Toronto in 2016.

You’ll find me drooling in line.

Here’s a sample of what our morning was like: