Spaghetti in Italy - Tips for Enjoying a Culinary Travel Adventure by

I have been fortunate to explore the many tastes and textures cuisines of the world have to offer: from jerk chicken in Jamaica to the ultimate pizza dough in Naples, Italy, and the time I ate my way through San Diego with my younger brother. Even trips that weren’t focused on food became a culinary adventure as me and my family tasted what the culture had to offer.

Here is a look back at some of my favourite culinary travel experiences, as well as a few tips for how to best take advantage of what’s on the menu.

Culinary Travel Adventures from the Archives

A Carnivorous Culinary Journey in San Diego

Getting Your Fill in Naples

Jamaica – A Hot Spot for Foodies

Foodie Travel Tips – How to Enjoy Your Own Culinary Travel Adventure

Want to embark on your own culinary travel adventure, no matter the destination? Here are a few tips to make the most out of mealtimes:

  • When visiting a new country, be sure to research the local mealtime etiquette. Leaving a bite on your plate might be no big deal some places, but considered an insult to the chef elsewhere. Likewise, it’s a good idea to know when meals are typically consumed. In Spain and Portugal for example, you’d be hard pressed to find a meal at 5pm when the locals are having a siesta;
  • Quietly encourage your picky eater to try new foods. Make sure different tastes and textures are on offer and suggest they explore within the boundaries of their comfort. Travel has a wonderful way of naturally breaking picky eaters out of their shell. Read “How Travel Cured My Picky Eater”.
  • Always explore the favourite destinations of the locals! Ask around the hotel (and not just the concierge) for some suggestions. Instead of “favourite tourist locations” ask where they like to go with their own family. You will find authentic food and experiences;
  • Even the food you try and don’t like is a culinary adventure. Embrace new tastes and textures!

Bon Appetit!