We are in China.
Beijing to be precise.
And today we stood on The Great Wall.

Great Wall

First Glimpse of the Wall

I don’t know if I can convey how monumental a moment that was for us.
There have been other moments on this trip of a lifetime that have had great significance.
Getting to Argentina was important as it was our first continental jump.
And getting to Colombia was significant because it was about so much more than being in South America. It was about facing stereotypes and trusting our instincts.
But the Wall? It is by far the most iconic place we’ve hit so far. It’s the thing we’ve all seen on TV and in the movies. One of those places you hope to visit but aren’t necessarily certain that you’ll get to in this lifetime.

cam's wall
When we put China on this trip, the Great Wall was an obvious stop. To stand there would mean we had really done it; stepped away from home and given ourselves over to travel.

ish gwoc
Dreaming it and doing it are so different… but here we are.
All four of us.
Already stronger than when we left home.
This is Day 60.
davis fam gwoc