We’ll be adding some features to Globetrotting Mama as we gear up to head out in …gulp…. 6.5 months! We know that a lot of you who are reading are travelers yourselves. In fact,  many of you email and ask me for help in sourcing the perfect destination or deals for travels with your children and without. I get plenty of information in but am often too swamped to get it all out to you individually. We’re solving that problem by adding a Deals section to the site. For now you’ll see deals popping up in our  main stream and expect information on great destinations to follow in the new year as well. Helping me keep it all together and getting it out to you in a timely manner is Kayla – the first Globetrotting Mama intern. Watch for her byline to appear on the site more often as well.

Looking forward to providing you with more information you can use. If you score a deal let us know. We’d love to hear from you.