The boys and I got a sneak peek at the movie “Bears” recently.

The latest Disney release follows on the heels of the acclaimed “African Cats” and  “Chimpanzee.”  Given our past bear encounter, let’s just say I had my own reasons to expect to be less than swayed by the version on screen.

But then there were moments like this…

What’s not to love about a story that has so many cute images of bear cubs you can’t help but drown in the sweetness? Plus there was the obvious: A tale about a mom who takes her cubs on a yearlong adventure despite the risks and without any guarantees of reward? Let’s just say I found I could relate to it more than I imagined.

The kids, however, were certain about it from the beginning. I didn’t expect them – big fans of  Disney’s animated tales – to like this real life docu-drama but they loved it. Even my dad, who accompanied us on this particular excursion, raved about the movie both immediately after and since.

For him it had a great mix of factual information and suspense without being frightening for the kids. And for them it was the humour that comes through the narration that brought a documentary they might not be otherwise interested in, to life.

The scenery and images are also worth the price of admission. If you’ve got a kid who loves animals , this is a flick for the collection. Make sure to stay beyond the closing scene to see just how up close and personal the cameramen got tin order to film these majestic creatures.

Looking to see some Bears of your own? Canada boasts some of the best locations in the world.  We’ve seen big brown bears along the Sea to Sky highway in Vancouver and from our gondola in Whistler and Polar Bears in Churchill, Manitoba. We’re hoping to see more in the future. A visit to the Kicking Horse Grizzly Bear Refuge in Golden, B.C. is high on our list of destinations.

But for now the big screen was close enough.

Disney’s Bears movie is in theatres now.

Disney invited me to a screening of the film. The opinions in this post were neither solicited nor paid for. All opinions, as always, are my own.