Tour the Alberta Badlands, and other quintessential Canadian travel experiences.

I know I’m not the only one watching the falling Canadian dollar and doing the calculation for family travel plans this year. So many of you have mentioned that you are now “thinking twice” about visiting our usually popular southern neighbour. But why so glum, chum? This falling loonie could be the very reminder we need that one of the best travel experiences is right outside your door. This edition of our travel deals and destinations series, is dedicated to our home and native land. We’ve rounded up some quintessential Canadian travel experiences for you to try because let’s face it until you’ve gone on a poutine tour, and navigated the northwest passage, can you really claim citizenship? Join me adding these homegrown Canadian trips to your travel itinerary!

Out of the Northwest Passage

Sail the Queen Maud Gulf and travel the paths taken by the Canadian explorers and experience the generous hospitality of the Inuit people. This package is for travel September 11 to 26.

From Adventure Canada  – Starting at $7,995

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Take a Poutine Tour through the Streets of Montreal

Create your own culinary tour of Montreal, and start with a delicious made-in-Canada favourite, Poutine. This BBC Travel article outlines all of the tasty adventures you need to have, or check out these tours for a local’s perspective.

Whale Watching on Vancouver Island

Pick any destination on Vancouver Island – from Victoria to Campbell River – and you’ll find a tour boat waiting to take you out in search of the majestic orcas.

In Victoria

In Tofino

In Cowichan Bay

In Campbell River

Watch Polar Bears in the Wild

Take the Tundra Buggy Adventure into the Churchill Wildlife Management Area, Churchill Manitoba. You can watch and snap photos of the polar bears in their natural habitat, a quintessential Canadian experience.

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Explore Alberta’s Badlands

Take a tour of Drumheller Alberta and learn more about the wild wild west. You’ll visit a ghost town, check out Dinosaur Valley and visit Horsethief Canyon. And don’t miss the Royal Tyrrell Museum. For tours visit here.
What is your definition of a quintessential Canadian experience? A Canadian stay-cation never sounded so good!