I’m sharing the best travel clothes I’ve found and worn on my trips around the world. Follow the series: Dressed to Travel

Dressed to Travel: Eliza J  Belted Shirt Dress

The Eliza J Belted dress in black against a floral backdrop

Dressed to Travel |The Dress:

Belted Shirt Dress in Black

Dressed to Travel | The Designer:

Eliza J

Dressed to Travel | The History:

I’ve worn the dress twice now as Rent Frock Repeat borrows. The first time was on The Social.  A last minute microphone decision meant that we needed to wear it buttoned to the top. The look, when paired with a dark lipstick gave off a goth look I hadn’t counted on.

This second wear was at the gala event at Mom 2.0. in Pasadena, California. I spoke at the conference and the evening events always require some extra pizazz. This dress didn’t disappoint.

A different look: The Eliza J Belted dress in black buttoned up makes a less formal statement

Dressed to Travel | Travel Rating:

The dress makes my best travel clothes list. It is actually quite light and packed well. I rolled it for the trip and steamed it lightly before wearing. The top half is lace so no issue with crushing. 5/5

Heather and son at The Social in Eliza J

Dressed to Travel | What I loved:

The pockets. I am decidedly anti-handbag when I can avoid it. It’s just one more thing to forget somewhere. The best travel clothes always leave your hands free. Pockets mean I can slip in lipsticks and cards and a credit card and still have my hands free.  The shape of this dress also meant that even with overstuffed pockets, I didn’t look like I was carrying the world on my hips.

Dressed to Travel | The accessories:

I opted for a bright earring, simple necklace and black pumps. The hair up-do was a last minute decision and its very simply pinned in the back (thanks to a roommate with skills!)

Dressed to Travel | The Look


The dress is available for rent from Rent Frock Repeat. It retails for $500 and is available for rent for $100 for 4 days. To learn more about this series visit here.

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