Dressed to Travel |The Dress:

Ring around the Rosey Wrap Dress

Dressed to Travel | The Designer:

Kaela Kay

Dressed to Travel | The History:

I had back to back tv appearances last week and a trips before and in between. In a panic, and without time to book my usual Rent Frock Repeat appointment I decided to take matters into my own hands and pick out a few dresses without trying them on.  When I arrived to pick them up, one of the fantastic stylists suggested I try a few new options in store. Best advice ever! All of my picks were a bust but both of her suggestions rocked! Both dresses were Kaela Kay originals. The first one was this pretty number that I wore on CHCH.

Dressed to Travel | Travel Rating:

I had to transport the dress to Hamilton for the show but it comes in a garment bag and didn’t crush easily so that was no problem. A quick steam the morning of and we were wrinkle-free for the show. 5/5

Dressed to Travel | What I loved:

The fact that it was a wrap dress is what sold me. I’ve had trouble with zippers in the past and its a nightmare when you’ve only got a few minutes to get on set. A wrap dress, that wraps securely, is always a flattering fit. I also loved the print. At first, I wasn’t sure about the green on red combo, but once it was on, I was  smitten.

Dressed to Travel | The accessories:

I opted for a simple black drop earring and a wooden necklace that had hints of green and black sandals. The wayward hair is a reflection of the hike I took through Hamilton the day before. (What was I thinking! :)) And I’m truly thankful for Natalie Marie (@nataliemariemua on Instagram), the CHCH makeup artist who rescued my dark circles.

Dressed to Travel | Get It

The dress is available for rent from Rent Frock Repeat. It retails for $325 is available for rent for $65 for 4 days. To hear tips from the segment on CHCH Morning Live where I wore it visit here and to learn more about the Dressed to Travel series visit here.