While events like “Earth Day”  are bound to offer up plenty of good ideas for saving  the planet, it can also be overwhelming.  Do you recycle or upcycle? Should you compost or reuse? How do you make a difference on the planet when even getting there can raise your guilt levels?

Making a difference doesn’t have to be that hard.

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Recently I attended an event by Aeroplan Canada where they showcased some of the ways you can use your miles to make a difference whether you’re traveling or at home.

Among them:

1.     Offset your carbon footprint:

There’s no way to get around it: Until there are developments and options in wide use that cut the emissions from airplanes, getting to far away lands is going to have an impact. What we can do is try our best to offset it with green initiatives on the ground. Aeroplan’s Carbon Offset Program allows  you to spend your miles to offset the miles you fly.  To dateAeroplan and its members have redeemed approximately 135 million Aeroplan Miles for carbon credits.  This equates to taking 11,953 passenger vehicles off of the road for one year.

2.     Support initiatives that matter to the planet

Aeroplan’s Beyond Miles program enables you to donate your miles to help charities. One of those partners is Earth Day Canada, which provides information and ideas for Canadians looking to do their part to make an environmental difference. Aeroplan began their partnership with the organization in 2009 after members asked for more environmental initiatives they could support.

In honour of Earth Day, Aeroplan is matching all miles donated to Earth Day Canada on Monday April 22, 2013 up to 500,000 miles! Members can donate at www.aeroplan.com/donate.

3.     Support those who are making a difference around the world.

While the focus on Earth Day tends to be the obvious environmental impact, it’s not the only way we can better our planet. There are charities out there working hard to keep people healthy alongside the trees. Among the partners that you can support through Aeroplan are organizations like The Nature Trust of BC, Small Change Fund Toronto and Ocean’s Initiative . Donations here will make a difference beyond Earth Day.

4.     Get the stuff that makes it easier to be earthy year round

And you don’t always have to sacrifice your miles to have them do good. Choosing to use your miles towards  green gifts for yourself or  for others can make a difference too. Aeroplan rewards include dozens of green and eco-friendly products that don’t sacrifice practicality for the environment. Choose from things like an Escali Bamboo Solar Powered Bath Scale to the Koolatron Outdoor composter   and you’ll reap the good karma while doing your part for the planet.

This post was sponsored by Aeroplan Canada. As usual, all opinions are my own.