Okay folks,

We’re in the final stretch before heading out on our Round the World Adventure.

There  are serious choices to be made and I am terrible at making decisions so I’m hoping you can help.

East or West?

Which way should we go? (Note: I am not asking you to tell me “where to go”  — I’m talking to you Andre Greenwood.)


this way?

Our original plan had us going East:

Out through Eastern Canada, hop over to Europe, down to Africa, across to Asia, down to Australia, and back over to South America before heading home through the west.


Now we’re considering, West:

Out through western Canada, down to South America, over to Australia, Up through Asia, across to Africa , followed by Europe, Eastern Canada and home.


or that?

(Either way we’ll work it so that we avoid winter because as I’ve mentioned that is high on my priority list.)

Granted it’s not the worst problem for a family to have, but it’s still splitting votes at my house and we’d love if you’d weigh in.

Which way would you go?