Eating Rome

Rome finds its way to our hearts through our stomachs

Among my many goals for this Monograms Travel trip to Rome there is one that should come as no surprise: We would come; we would eat.

It was as simple as that. But before leaving home, and despite this not being our first trip to the Eternal City, I still fell short in my imagining of the damage we could do.

Food in Rome

Sipping in a centuries-old wine cellar  and staring at the €3000 bottles I’m banned from in the heart of Rome…as one does ;)


When I say we “ate,” your mind’s eye may create images of delicate fingers on the tiny handle of an espresso cup or a dapper gentleman using a napkin to gently dot the corners of his mouth after a bite of some tiny bit of heaven.

That is not what happened.

Food in Rome Pizza

We made it. We ate it.

Eating Rome | Lack of Willpower

On my best day in Rome I was a glutton. And on my worst, a glutton unable to say no to one more taste of whatever was put in front of me.

Food in Rome

Let me eat cake!

And my family was just as bad.

Food in Rome

Gelato Monster

In our defense, it’s all Rome’s fault. I landed with four days to take in the city’s sights and the walking shoes to do it but within hours of arriving I was too full to move.

From rooftop patios where tiny portions tricked you into thinking you weren’t eating much…

Food in Rome

A spread of appetizers on the rooftop of Boscolo Exedra Roma hotel is as mesmerizing for the eyes as the stomach.

to a food tour where breathing between bites was discouraged…

Food in Rome

These bite-size Suppli are divine.

Food in Rome

Yes, I saw the “Fat” in the name. Yes, I ate it anyway. When in Rome…

to dinners that were offered in stages of deliciousness…

To lessons in pizza and gelato making that ended with pizza and gelato eating …

to late-night cones proffered with the agreed upon reasoning that we should probably start to prep the stomach for the next day. Gluttony. Pure and simple.

Food in Rome Gelato

What’s one more?


Eating Rome| Guilt-free

We said “when” eventually – clutching our bellies, waving our hands as if they were white flags of surrender and swearing we would never eat again –  but even I knew it was temporary. There is no resisting the eventual return to consumption, and why would you want to?

Food in Rome Pasta

Cacio e pepe. Eat it.

This is Rome! You’re supposed to eat your face off here. Pretend the calories don’t matter, that the jeans aren’t more snug, that your face isn’t rounder than when you left home and keep going. Chances are your smiles, like ours, will be fatter too. Eat. There will be no regrets.

Our advice? Do as we did: Life handed us Rome and we ate it.

Eating Rome | Where to Eat

Visiting the city? Here are a few spots our Monograms Travel and Eating Europe local guide recommended and a few from readers as well. Buon Appetito!

Gelato: Giolitti , La Romana, San Crispino, FataMorgana…

Food in Rome Gelato


Resturants: da Francesco, trilussa taverna, Piperno, 

Looking for more? Book the Eating Europe Food Tour of Trastavere as an excursion for your Monograms Travel Rome visit. It was excellent!

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