It was a last minute offer I couldn’t refuse : Join some journalists from across the United States and Canada on a trip to explore Maui’s newest island resort.

The kicker : I’d have make room in my schedule to within a week.

So to refresh: Leave Toronto at the height of the Mayor Rob Ford controversy, walk away from my parka, snow boots and bitter winds and spend a glorious weekend with a beach view?

Lets just say that it didn’t take long for me to pack.

The hotel – the Andaz Maui Resort –  was incredible, the views were breathtaking and of course  the weather didn’t disappoint, but it was the food that really wowed.

Chef Ben is a Maui local and his love for the local produce shines through the menu.

Guests were salivating over the fresh cut papaya, guava and other local fruits at breakfast and while those were fabulous,  it was the incredibly delicious offerings  throughout the day that got me.

Among my favourites:

lobster sandwich andaz maui

Lobster Grilled Cheese sandwich with macaroni salad at Bumbeye Bar

onion rings maui

Maui Onion Rings 2.0: Tempura onion rings with panko and furikake and cucumber ranch; Summer Rolls: Shrimp, carrots, mint, basil, spicy crunchy peanut dip

BAcon and Eggs

Bacon and Eggs: grilled slab bacon, baked eggs, spinach, tomatoes and paniolo potatoes

Bacon Maui

Grilled Slab Bacon: It’s more like a mini brown sugar glazed pork chop. So good I had it twice. (no shame in my game)

Morimoto Fish Tacos

I still have dreams that these factor into. Iron Chef Morimoto’s Hamachi Fish Tacos.


As you can imagine the re-entry to Canadian weather and having to cook for myself was a rough one.

Still worth it.

Watch for my story on another incredible part of the hotel – the Awili Spa in an upcoing Toronto Star Travel Section.