This is my post about Argentina.

My favourite parts were seeing my friend, Franco,

more moustaches

Finger moustaches with our friend Franco

playing soccer, playing tag in front of the museum and staying at the Four Seasons Hotel because it had direct taxi access and they put letters of your name on one of the beds (for kids only!)

four seasons kids

They put our names on our beds!

We saw the Argentina flag, a very old subway,

subway e

a big tree, a lego flag,

lego argentinathe obelisco

boys obeliscoWe went in an orphanage,

la boca,


boys in la bocaa boat and a cemetary. We like the structures, restaurants and the views. The foods were delicious. My favourite food was the pizza. It was cheesey, thick and had onions and one olive on it. I took the olive off.

pizza fugazetta

look at the cheese!

We rode on top of a tour bus around the city. We saw lots of stuff and we had headphones on the bus seats.

bus tour ba

My mom and I on the bus tour


Cameron and I did some amusement park planning. We are building our own one day!

Chocolate Milk CAm

Crazy Cameron again!


Bye for now,


chocolate milk e

My Chocolate milk-stache