Travel writer Heather Greenwood Davis explores her parent's homeland - Jamaica

Recently I wrote a post for National Geographic Traveller about bringing my mother home to Jamaica. This trip to the caribbean paradise my parents left before my birth was not my first time “home.” We’ve visited more than a half dozen times since they left the sun and sand behind to lay down new roots in Canada.

But this special trip was about what it meant for my mother to return to the island and to visit some of the parts of Jamaica she had never explored before. It talks about the difference between visiting as a tourist and going home as a guest.

You can read the article here.

I love talking about what makes Jamaica such an amazing place to visit. It has it all: sand, sun, culture, history alongside warm, welcoming and generous people. It wasn’t too long ago that I visited to learn about some of the charitable work being done in the country. You can read more about that journey here.

And in my humble opinion Jamaica is home to the food local food in the Caribbean! (Yes! I said it! )  Here’s a link to my post on the 5 foods not to be missed in Jamaica.

Ready to go? There are always great deals on vacations to Jamaica, including all-inclusive resort stays. I hope you find time, at some point in your life, to visit this island paradise that claims a piece of my heart.

Photo Copyright: konstik / 123RF Stock Photo