Turned on the computer the other day and discovered that the wheel has already been invented.

I knew that I wasn’t the first person on the planet to decide that I wanted to take my kids on a trip around the world. In fact, some of what has allowed me to continue in this fateful pursuit is  knowing that there are others who have done it before me.( Deb Cummings and Ann Campbell , my fellow Canadians and TMAC members pop to mind.)

But last week I popped into Twitter and found one of my favourite blogging moms, Mara, (We met on a press trip to Atlantis earlier this year) writing about extended travel,  her dreams of doing it and her interactions with two moms  Victoria Wallop and Michelle Duffy who are about to. (Those moms are blogging too and I’ll be following along as they make their steps away from home for lessons we can use as well.)

Born to fly

Ready to go? Sometimes the push you need comes from an unexpected place

Mara’s Monday dream was a great post and a reminder that I don’t have to reinvent the wheel. More importantly it reminded me that despite the stress of planning and preparing for this trip, it’s doable.

And on an overcast Monday morning sometimes that’s exactly the sort of motivation you need.

Thanks ladies.