Family Travel: A Teen Perspective Proves It’s Worth It

If you know even a little bit about me and my travels, then you know that for much of it I’m joined by my family. My husband Ish, my now 15-year old son, Ethan and my 13-year old son, Cameron. And if you know that, you probably also know that they’ve all been instrumental to the stories I share with you here on the blog, in newspaper articles and on Television. I believe in family travel and the values it teaches and have tried to impress those on our kids.

elephant family

But, if you’re a parent, you know that what we hope our kids are picking up from the messages we send isn’t always what arrives. Sometimes, much like a broken telephone (or the email vortex that haunts me), the message gets lost along the way.

And so in those moments when you realize that not only was the message received, but that the recipient now holds it as a belief of their own, you rejoice.

This week, I’m rejoicing.

The youngest member of our travelling tribe wrote a piece for The Journal – the blog of Intrepid Travel about the lessons he feels he’s learned through travel…and it’s fantastic. You can read it here.


In it, he shares many of the things his dad and I have been trying to teach him – about our family values, about the importance of travel and about why getting out into the world is vital to making it better for everyone.

I’m proud of him and I hope that you’ll read and share his take with any kids in your life who are contemplating travel and adults who aren’t sure if its worth it.

Cameron had already started his own YouTube and Instagram channels as a way of sharing his travels but writing for someone else was a brand new experience. Watching him see his words published for the first time was pure magic.

Don’t be surprised if you see more from him in the months ahead, I think he’s got the bug.


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