It never fails.

Just when you think you’re the only one struggling with a burning issue, you bump into a bunch of people going through the exact same thing.

It happens to me all the time.

On my travels I’ve bumped into people who left their high-paying, stress-inducing jobs to follow a passion– just like me.

At events I’ve come across world travelers who once only dared to dream of the possibility – just like me.

And now I’ve found these ladies.

Best Family Travel Advice is bound to become the go-to hub for families who just need to get a quick answer to a burning question. Each of the women on the site has been hand selected for their expertise and experience with family travel.

Amie and I first crossed paths years ago when I did this trip to  Italy and France. Her company Ciao Bambino was a traveling new mama’s  best friend.

Kids in Italy

One of my favourite pics from a story I did about Ciao Bambino

Years later I met Carol and Mara on a press trip to Atlantis resort and have been a fan of their sites ever since.  Then this summer when I attended the Travel Blog Exchange (TBEX for short)   in New York City I met a few more ladies including Jennifer Miner and was blown away yet again.

When they asked me to become a contributor on the site, I didn’t hesitate.  And now I’m inviting you to come check them out as well.

Send in your burning family travel question or simply thumb through some of the great questions already online. You’ll likely get a few answers, all from different points of view, that will help you to make the right decisions for your family.

And if you go further and click through to the contributors’ individual  blogs I bet that like me, you’ll find yourself drawn to them for their commitment to traveling with  kids and their insights.

I’m always happy to answer your questions , now I can do it both here at globetrotting mama or with my pals at Best Family Travel Advice.