Three Trips ahead Family Travel planning
Three Trips Ahead Podcast on Family Travel

Travel planning can be tough but especially if you’ve got kids it is really worth the effort. Popped into the studio to chat with Maureen Holloway about the importance of family travel.

Here’s how Mo and her team describe the chat:

“Between school, play dates and extracurricular activities, kids’ schedules are quite regimented, which can be stressful for our little humans. On one hand, it’s good for them to have busy schedules. On the other, does all that routine give them enough time to just be, well, kids? This week’s guest didn’t think so. To free her family from their routine, she decided to take them on a trip around the world. What she found along the way changed their family forever.

Heather Greenwood Davis is a travel journalist and mother of two handsome boys. In this episode, she tells Mo what they had to sacrifice to make the trip happen, how they stayed sane travelling as a family, and why everyone should travel with their kids.”

Listen in to hear why I say family travel is about much more than where you go and what you see and a bit of travel planning mixed with some serendipity, can lead to a lifetime of memories.

Why does family travel matter to you?

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