4 Things You Can Do in 2023 To Make Your Family Travel Better

With the New Year on the horizon, a lot of people are thinking about the changes (resolutions) they want to make. While we aren’t big on resolutions over here (See our recent newsletter on this very thing here,  we recognize that setting goals as a family can be a great way to think through your family values.  In 2023, why not consider family travel resolutions that hold the possibility of making your family travels even better next year.

family travel resolutions


Let the Kids Pack Themselves

Instead of trying to do all of the things, make an effort to relieve your stress and have the kids get in on the packing action. If they’re old enough, have them pack themselves! Start by creating a checklist to have them follow. Include items such as how many articles of each type of clothing (shirts, pants, pajamas, socks, undergarments, etc.), toiletries, entertainment, accessories that fit the location (swimming items for warmer trips or gloves and hats for the cooler temps). You might even consider purchasing some packing cubes to help your whole family get organized and save space.

family travel resolutions



Encourage the Little Things that are Big for the Environment

No matter what kind of trip you plan on taking in 2023, one resolution could be to help protect the environment. This can be done in a number of ways! If you’re camping, consider skipping the disposable goods and investing in reusable kitchen items like utensils, plates, and cups. Instead of hopping in a cab to get to your next destination, see if your city offers rent-able bikes or scooters. Staying at a hotel? Skipping the housekeeping can help reduce the amount of water used by the hotel as well as the chemicals being put back into the environment from cleaning solution. (But don’t let that stop you from tipping the staff at the end of your stay.)


Let the Kids Weigh in on Where They’re Going

Sometimes adults take on all of the responsibility of planning a trip when our kids can actually have some fun chiming in! If you’re really courageous, let the kids decide your destination. If you don’t feel like leaving the whole thing up to fate, you can offer up ideas and suggestions, or let them choose the temperature of the locale (warm beach trip? or snowy skiing adventure?). If giving them full control seems a little daunting, then give them some options for activities to do throughout the vacation. Let them choose a site to visit each day or the meals you’ll eat. You might even try a “choose your own adventure” day where the kids make in-the-moment decisions on what to do next. This adds some adventure and spontaneity to any trip!

family travel resolutions


Make the Journey as Much of a Break as the Destination

Finally, who says the destination has to be the best part of the trip? We should enjoy the journey just as much! Train travel is often a forgotten form of transportation but can be very enjoyable. The journey can feel like a true adventure for little ones (and face it, grownups too). Companies like Vacations by Rail offer one-of-a-kind train travel experiences. If you’re looking for something a little simpler, you can always plan your own road trip. For entertainment, bring some fun games or come up with conversation starters. Also, plan stops along the way to see famous monuments, check out the scenery or even try out the local food throughout your journey. Need some inspiration? Check out this GTM blog on great Canadian road trip destinations.

family travel resolutions