I haven’t shared much with you about our exact routing when we leave in July for our round the world family adventure. There are a few reasons for that.

One is we’re still nailing down the details.  Every time I meet someone who has been somewhere that “we just can’t miss” we seriously take it into consideration. The result is an itinerary that could take us years to get through. We’re whittling every day and hoping to be able to share more with you in the weeks ahead .

But there’s another reason.

There are places I really want to visit. Places that I know to be fabulous, incredible places where life is so different from what we have here at home that I know the kids, Ish and I won’t be able to help but be affected emotionally.

Places where if I was traveling alone or just with Ish I might not hesitate to visit even though stable government isn’t a given.

But somehow it’s different because were taking the kids. Travel to these places seems to suddenly require second thoughts.

There is no itinerary that Ish and I have put together that didn’t have Egypt on it.   I’ve hoped to take the kids to see the pyramids, cruise the Nile, learn from the people. The land is beautiful, the treasures are rich and the opportunity to learn and grow vast.

But even as I stood transfixed to the television screen, tears in my eyes as their President crushed their hearts with his bare hands, and then with tears flowing and pride so strong I thought my own heart would burst as he was finally removed, I wondered…

Will we go?

Should we go?

Would you?