Our Favourite Posts of 2016

At this time of year, we often find ourselves looking back and remembering the year that was. For many, 2016 was a challenging year. And while the temptation is to wish it away, I prefer to look forward to 2017 as a year of hope and positive change. I have always believed that travel, with exposure to new cultures, tastes, sounds and experiences has the ability to widen our minds. Maybe 2017 will be your year to experience something new.

Still, December always brings the temptation to look back at some of our posts in 2016. A few stand out because they share exciting news, explore a destination we have loved or encourage travel in a unique way. As we round out the year, no matter what it meant to you, we hope you will take a moment to reflect on your own year and enjoy a quick peek back with us at ours.

See the World – For Star Wars Fans

2016 saw the release of another Star Wars film and we approached another film in the franchise with our travel hat on. We took a look at destinations around the world that were used in the filming of a Star Wars film, and gave you that behind-the-scenes experience. Our post offered the chance to march through the deserts of Abu Dhabi like a Storm Trooper, or hike the icy planet of Hoth (Norway). And with a new movie about to be released, there’s no time like the present to review the ultimate Star Wars’ fan travel guide.

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Our Big Announcement

For me, this was a major highlight of 2016: I officially joined the Editorial team at National Geographic. This post shared my exciting announcement, along with links to a few of the articles I have written for National Geographic Traveler. These stories were my favourites, but I look forward to sharing more and more adventures with this great publication.

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Advice for Parents Travelling with Kids on Planes

We tackled the sometimes difficult task of flying with kids in this post aimed at helping parents have a happier flight. Our 4 strategies DID NOT include that controversial trend of handing out goody bags to pre-apologize to travellers. Instead we focused on ways parents can support kids in having their most comfortable flight, which just makes everyone else comfortable too.

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Advice for Travelling with Kids on Planes (When They Aren’t Your Own)!

This was our second look at air travel with kids and this time we wanted to tackle an even more controversial topic: Dealing with kids who aren’t your own. Do you tell a child to stop kicking the back of your seat? How should you respond to a child that just won’t quiet down? We shared 4 important tips to consider and ways around even the stickiest situations.

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Our Travelling Canada Series

This summer we travelled Canada – virtually! Instead of sticking to the big city centres you have likely heard of or explored yourself, we went deep into the heart of some smaller Canadian cities that are just as exciting for travellers. Our series included a look at Banff, Alberta, St. Catharines, Ontario, and Parksville, British Columbia.

We are working hard on bringing you more great posts in 2017. If you have an idea for a city or topic you want us to explore, please let us know!