Of course, it is enough to see a gorgeous sunset or fascinating monument with your own two eyes but it is also a nice memento of your trip to snap a few photos while you are there experiencing that moment. It’s a great way to wow your friends too, even if we are past the days of inviting everyone over for coffee and a slideshow of your latest vacation. There are many valuable tools online to help you curate a collection of your best vacation photos. Here are a few that we like.



This well-known app is a natural place to start our list; a social media site for sharing photos that document your day. The Globetrotting Mama Instagram account is full of pictures from our latest adventures and Instagram stories (that round bubble at the top) allows you to follow along in real time.  Stickers, filters and options for writing on your photos are there to use but you can also keep it simple and just click/share.

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Instagram Photo Filters

Instagram comes with a few of its own photo filters but if you want to get even more artistic, there are additional apps you can download and/or purchase. Here are a few to try.

PicsArt Color Paint – Doodle on a selfie or paint a section of the photo with this app that allows you to change the colour and content of an Instagram post.


FilterLoop – For more sophisticated photo editing tools, like a tool for proper cropping, try FilterLoop.


Prisma – Become an artist and apply art techniques to your Instagram photos for neat effects.


VSCO – Go pro on Instagram with these advanced photo editing tools. This is a favourite app of Instagram influencers.




Snap a photo while on your travels and then send an electronic postcard with the image to your family and friends. Remember when buying and mailing a postcard on your trip was the thing to do? This is the electronic version that allows you to easily share greetings from anywhere in the world.



Chat Books

And when you return, turn all of those Instagram photos of your vacation into a printed photo book for your coffee table. Wow friends when they come over for a drink and regale them with photos and tales, slideshow not required.