The clouds parted and the sun came out the moment we arrived at the Novotel. I’m pretty certain that the woman at the front desk is still telling the story about the family of Canadians who collapsed on her check-in desk, so grateful for a clean space and good wifi that they were almost in tears. And the kids were equally giddy when they saw that the Novotel had an Xbox Kinect and a Playstation in the lobby for them to use.  (It had been a while)


Novotel family area

They had them at Nintendo...

We had spent two uncomfortable nights out on the outskirts of Seville (more on that later) and had almost given up on Spain entirely, but from the moment we got into the city proper,  things began to turn around.

The one thing the cab driver had told us that was true was that the Febria de Abril was happening this week in Seville. By the time we walked out the next morning in search of breakfast there was no denying it.

cute dress seville Everywhere you looked people were dressed to the hilt.  Women wore traditional Sevilliana dresses. The form fitting numbers that end in a cascade of ruffles aren’t for the faint of heart. Many men wore suits and ties.  And quite a few people were on horseback or in carriages driven by Spanish cowboys or cowgirls. All this – against a backdrop that became more and more festive as we got closer to the fairgrounds – made for the feeling that we were truly going back in time.

It was incredible.

And when it was all said and done and the boys had had their fill of bumper cars and ice cream, we made our way back to a bed that didn’t squeak and the promise of a better Spanish experience on the horizon.

Here are a few more pictures from the event. ( My favourite is the one that shows the hidden pockets among the ruffles. Genius! )  Have you been? Would you go?

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