We are here! It took us almost 11 hours of travel to get here but man is it worth it. We were invited by Gap Adventures (www.gapadventures.com) to join a group of travelers to the Galapagos Islands. It’s an area of the world Ish and I have long had a fascination with – Charles Darwin’s evolution theories stem from his interactions here.
There are several islands in the Galapagos and we’re visiting three of the inhabited ones in search of everything from sharks in the water to turtles in the wild. We’ve already fallen in love with the island of Isabella. Sand in the streets, surfer dudes on the corner and a bakery that opens its doors at 3 pm. each day with 15cent hot rolls that have us drooling at 2:45.
Internet isn’t always easy to come so I’ll stop talking long enough to upload some photos and video you might enjoy.
More soon!

Cam’s “One more day!” video:


A few photos from our first few days:

fam galapagos

Hanging in the Galapagos

sea lion

Sea Lion on the rocks


Galapagos with Gap Adventures

Cam + sea lions

Cam joins the gang




Penguins and Blue footed-boobies



My new best friend

sea lion

How I feel at the end of the day