Costa Rica

How much did I love my trip to Costa Rica? THIS MUCH. It’s also how big the crocodile next to my kayak was  and the size of most leaves in the country. photo credit: Bailey Johnson

Recently I spent a week in Costa Rica. The trip was part of a research mission with a group of journalists to explore new-to-me areas in search of family friendly offerings. I came home with plenty of information and a renewed love of all things tropical and am in the midst of writing a couple of stories to share the experience with you.

In the meantime I wanted to give you a glimpse of what this incredible oasis has to offer.

There’s no question that my infatuation with Costa Rica is affected in no small part by the fact that November in Costa Rica and November in Toronto are two VERY different things. It’s one of the reasons why they started a Save the Canadians/Americans campaign. It is effective.

At home leaves had changed colour and some very cold winds were blowing through but in Costa Rica it was a whole different experience.

From the gorgeous foliage,

costa rica

A few of the flowers and plants in Costa Rica

to the incredible food,

costa rica food

Never have I been so in love with a salad: Fresh tuna and avocado for the win

to the fantastic vistas

costa rica volcano

The Arenal volcano only erupted with beautiful views while we were there. I wish you the same.

Sight, sound, touch, taste: It was a non-stop sensory abundance from morning until night.

And then there were the animals. From the slow moving “I’ll just wait here while you run to change your camera battery and then come back and snap a gazillion pictures” sloths to the gigantic leatherback turtles and the vibrant toucans and macaws, the animals were a constant reminder of the awesome abilities of mother nature.

costa rica sloth

Over the last few years I’ve watched Costa Rica become a favourite among families with school-age kids and teens. I have no difficulty understanding why.

While I was there I made a couple of videos to give you a quick peek at my experience. You can always watch them on our YouTube Channel but here’s a quick look:

Watch for my stories on the destination in the months ahead. And feel free to peek back at some of my favourite moments on Instagram.

Let me know what you think of the videos and if you’ve been to Costa Rica, what you loved most, in the comments below.

Safe travels,