Mindo TilleyIn our last post we shared a few decidedly Canadian gifts for the world traveller on your holiday shopping list. Today we are bringing you more gift ideas, this time with a trends theme. Whether it is the latest Apple offering or a delightfully simple hammock for breezy summer nights (remember those?), we have six gifts that are sure to make you the gift-giver of the year.

Apple Watch Series 2

Why is the Apple Watch so great for travellers? The high-tech features including the ability to see notifications and use apps right from your wrist make it a fun go-to gadget. Series 2 offers a new swoon-worthy feature:  The watch is waterproof making it perfect for swimming in shallow water. Travellers get caught at the beach all the time. Now you won’t have to choose between taking a chance on hiding your device in a towel on your beach chair and swimming with one hand in the air.  Your Apple Watch Series 2 is water resistant to 50 metres. Learn more.

Ollo Clip

With carry-on limits and suitcase weight restrictions, choosing between your DSLR camera and your iPhone has never been easier. I love a good professional camera but space is limited when I’m travelling and often my iPhone shots are all I need. Now you won’t have to sacrifice lens quality when you make a similar choice. The Ollo Clip offers a number of external lenses that clip right onto your iPhone for better photography. Browse several price points and features to find the lens perfect for capturing pictures of your world adventures. Learn more. 

Brunton Power Knife

Don’t let the name fool you, tis “knife” isn’t going to get taken away by the TSA.  It’s more utility tool than cutlery. You’ll never get caught without an adapter end when you travel with this device in your pocket. Leave all the cords behind but never sacrifice your peace of mind. A  smart solution to making sure you can always charge your gadgets. Learn more.

Osprey Daypack

As a travel writer, I cart my laptop everywhere. It has been around the world and back again. This stylish laptop bag caught my eye because it is compact and stylish. It is also full of different compartments and sections to keep your gadgets and papers organized and collected. One particularly amazing feature that will appeal to family traveler is the front panel which stores your tablet but also allows you (or little ones) to use it through the protective covering without taking it out of the pack. Never leave your iPad in a seat pocket again! Learn more.

Tilley Hat

Ahhh the Tilley hat. I still consider it an adventure travel must-have.  Remember when I lost mine? Our whole family brought Tilley Hats with us on our world adventure. These durable hats are the perfect travel accessory – to keep shade in the sun (and even to hide hotel bed head). They were on our heads regularly for one whole year and the boys still have theirs! You’ll want to grab one for anyone heading out on an adventure.  Learn more.

Kammok Roo

My family is strongly in favour of chilling out. The Kammok Roo looks like the perfect portable hammock; it stuffs nicely into its own carry bag and comes with all of the accessories you need to put it up. It promises durability, ease of use and comfort. It’s also tear resistant which would make it great for camping – if you’re into that. Learn more.

Are you sourcing gifts for the traveller in your life? What would you add to the list?