Recently I went to what I thought would be a regular, old media event.

It wasn’t.

The meeting was at Plan Canada and the reason the people in the room had been invited there was to see how we might work together to bring awareness to a fabulous campaign.

The “Because I am a Girl” campaign is Plan Canada’s latest initiative to bring awareness to the simple, proven fact that if you help a girl in an impoverished country, you literally help the planet.

They showed a great video that night and when I came home and searched for more information I found this one:


See what I mean? How can you not be inspired to help.

When we set out to do this trip we had a number of reasons why we thought it would be a great thing to do. Traveling with our kids and exposing them to the planet (and the planet to them) was at the top of the list but a close second was showing them how lucky they are and how easy it can be to  make a difference.

With Because I am a Girl Ambassador, Jenn Heil

Because I am a Girl Ambassador Jenn Heil, fellow supporter Jo-Anne Wallace and I.

It’s why we are seeking out opportunities to volunteer as a family as we travel throughout the year. We don’t have to build houses (though we aren’t adverse to that), we just want to help when and where we can.

It’s also why we’ve partnered with Life Science Nutritionals on this trip. We eat the Iron-Kids and Adult Essentials vitamins at home to keep us healthy and when Deb Lowther (@kidsgummymum) suggested we might like to carry the vitamins with us as we traveled – both for our own health and to donate to needy organizations along the way – I knew we’d met a kindred spirit.


Deb Lowther (@kidsgummymum) and I at the launch for Adult Essentials

What I love about both of these organizations is that while they are offering me ways to help when we travel, they also offer ways for you to help right here at home.

Deb is always sponsoring events and runs that can use your support for great causes and through the Because I am a Girl site you can purchase unique gifts for yourself, friends or family (psst it’s teacher gift time!)
And whether you give money to these organizations or not, you can still make a difference by sharing the information.
I’m so glad both of these organizations reached out to tell me. Hope you’ll do the same with your friends and family.

Have you done volunteer work while traveling? Anywhere you feel could really benefit from our visit? Please leave us a comment below.