Hello! Today I am going to talk about my tour at the dig experience.  First Ethan and I ( and also my mom and dad ) walked for a while. 20140703-125108-46268842.jpg


I chose mom to be my partner for the experience. We got our tools from the staff. The tools you need to be a paleontologist are: a tooth brush, dental pic, a small broom, a paintbrush, a place were there are fossils and a dust pan.

Dino dig alberta

Working together to dig out some dinos in Alberta.


My brother worked with my dad. They  found a rib cage. That is a bit funny because they LOVE to eat ribs. The staff, Emily and Amber, told us what fossil it was. That’s how I know it was a rib cage and not a foot.


My mom and I found a … Well, we did not figure out what it was because there was a bit more work needed.


After that we went to a dinosaur museum.  It was called the Royal Tyrrell museum. It’s a museum dedicated to paleontology – the study of dinosaurs.


I learned that my grip was the same strength as a red fox’s jaw!
Also there was a Tetris game that tells you all about from the times there were only dinosaurs until the mammals came! Also,  did you know that  “Tyrannosaurus Rex” means “king lizard?”  Or that  the Coryosaurus got its name because its head looks like the type of helmet the Corinthians wore to war ? Or that birds are dinosaurs too?



There are also bone beds. They are for dinosaur bones that they have found of dinosaurs that have died. In the museum, there are different types of periods of time: from the dinosaurs to mammals.20140703-125107-46267475.jpg

So if you ever want an AWESOME experience come – or go – to the Royal Tyrrell Museum.


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