Six Months have passed. We  have visited 15 Countries. It’s hard to believe.

In each  of the countries we have had unbelievable experiences that will be remembered  for years to come. I have learned cialis cheap so much…

Friends in Cambodia

Some of the hardest working and fun guys I know.

– Languages are the great equalizer. The more languages you can speak, the easier it is to communicate.
In China we missed out on numerous opportunities because of the language barrier but when we arrived in Australia and New Zealand daily living was a lot less  stressful because there were  no communication issues

.-Life will give you obstacles. They can be problems or opportunities. It’s up to the individual to decide which and deciding at the outset that you’ll only have opportunities can make all the difference.

woman washing cow

-Anything you want in life will require you to work for it. There are no shortcuts.  We live in society where  most  people  want instant gratification. They want results  ASAP. Whether it’s becoming   a millionaire or losing weight or taking a trip around the world – but if you asked  them what they’re doing  to make it happen… What I’ve learned is that there no short cuts in life.

bike full o' nuts– Play hard. Work hard.

– The people who want “it” the most will work the hardest. I’ve seen people work 12 hour days, six days a week in Cambodia for so much less than what we have. Not once did I hear them complain. They all had goals and they knew that if they wanted to reach them the hard work was necessary. We all need some more  of that drive.

Bike full o' kids

Eyes on the prize

Six months. 15 countries. Countless lessons. Can’t wait to see what the next six will bring.

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