Technically, we won’t be “home” until tomorrow night but from the moment we crossed the border into New Brunswick it has felt a bit like we already are.

That feeling has only intensified the closer we get to Toronto.

Here in Ottawa, hanging with the Derickx, Catana, Buchanan and Wallace families has meant that coming home has had a much softer landing than expected.

All of our anxiety about what it would feel like to be home has been replaced with the knowledge that we really did carry home with us as we traveled and that we had so many good reasons to return to Canada. There are no words to express how grateful we are for our friends and supporters here in Ottawa and across the country.

Globetrotting Mama Ottawa Morning Live

Hanging with Kurt Stoodley at Ottawa Morning Live

This morning we also spent some time with our pals at Ottawa Morning Live.

A year ago I was in the studio to share an idea I had to take a big trip. A year later I was back with the whole family to share how much it has affected us. Big thanks to Kurt Stoodley, Lianne Laing (we missed seeing you today), Joanne Woo (missed you too!) and Ziyada Callender for keeping Ottawa up to date on all of our travels and having us in to share.

Take a peek: