On the Virgin Blue flight to New Zealand, I walked  down the aisle, then three stewardesses wanted me to talk to them.

FA 1

My friend in the sky



My other friend in the sky

I told them about our trip. This is what they asked me about our trip, why am I going to New Zealand, Where did i live, and about my friends that I met on this trip.( A post on my friends is coming soon.) They gave me chocolate because they told me that’s amazing.  I told them about our blog and that I would write about them in a post. At the end of the flight, we took photos with them,


flight crew 2

One last shot with our new friends

and then the pilot let me in because we were the last ones on the plane. He let me touch some buttons.


Ethan and Captain

Co-Captain pressing buttons

Then I got to say an announcement. The announcement was…<<This is your captain speaking everyone must get off the plane immediately!>>.