I wanted to go mini golfing with my family in Vietnam. I went on Google and found Cai river mini golf.  I went to TripAdvisor and they said it was great. We got a cab and we went there @ 10:00 AM. We were pretty excited! My hopes were really, really high. 

They were closed. I’m like ” who sleeps at 10:00 AM?”

cai river

Don't go here

I felt so mad! I did all that research and it was kind of a waste!

So when I got home I tried to write a comment on Trip Advisor. It wouldn’t let me! It kept saying “bad request” and it wouldn’t let me post my comment!

So that’s why I made this post to express how it feels.

I’m not too impressed with the hours for Cai Mini Golf and I suggest that when you go to Vietnam you take a walk around and explore instead.