Today it has been 370 days since I came home from my trip around the world.


It wasn’t too easy to adapt to being home. Seeing my friends again was a wonderful experience for me. I was very excited to see my friends again at first but when I saw them again, it didn’t feel any different than the last time I saw them 2 years ago.This year I also met a long lost friend named Logan. I had a great time with Logan throughout the year. I had a really nice teacher too. She was a very nice teacher so it was very comfortable to learn new things with her. Also, in my class, I had some old friends in class but I also had new friends like Isa. Home was almost too easy to be comfortable in and I remembered about some stuff in the house that I forgot about.

Last year was a bit different than this year. Last year I went on a plane about 80 times but this year we went on a plane 5 times. Last year, I was with my usual family but this year, I was with my whole family like my grand parents, my aunts, my uncles and my cousins. This year was amazing because I was with more of my friends and family than when I was away. But I also loved things about our year away like when we were in Thailand like the ziplining, and elephant hills.

Jumping Thailand

3 things that I learned on my trip that helped me now were:
1. Talking to others can help you a lot in life. I learned this from dad when he was talking to other people. I am practicing my french While speaking to others.


Raising a Glass with Dad
2. Learning other languages is fun.
I learned this while talking to others in french. It helped me communicate with others.

The Louvre

3. Trying scary stuff is kind of fun when you think about it. I learned this by ziplining about 50, 00 feet. It helped me understand that.

zipline climb ethan

That’s how this year was for me.