Hi it is Cameron and Ethan again and we are going to talk about Australian animals.

Cam's koala

Koala eating leaves w/ Cameron

A marsupial is an animal that has a pouch. The pouch holds the baby.(like a kangaroo.)

the marsupial

A koala is a marsupial

This is a wallaby.


The wallaby looks like a squirrel

We saw kangaroos.

Ethan's kangaroo

It loves to sit in the dirt

The kangaroos are very far hoppers

Cam's kangaroo

Dig dig dig!


The kangaroo is hiding

 Sharks have really sharp teeth.

Cam's shark

Cam almost got eaten by a shark

Ethan's shark


The emu is like an ostrich.


Emus can't fly.

Birds eat tiny fruits.

the bird

We like birds.

lizards are fast climbers.


Here is a lizard.

Fish can swim quickly.


A big fish!!

The octopus has many holes in each tentacle.


We were exited to see the octopus