A few days ago Ethan and I went out into the desert in India.

Driving the Dunes

Driving the Dunes


We rode in this cool buggy. It went up hills and then we went down really big hills. It reminded me of the Rock’n roller coaster in Disney.  My mom was scared. :)

After we got up on two camels. It was like getting on another ride at Disney – The Tower of Terror. At least when it was going down it felt like that.


Getting up Camel

Getting up

When we were walking  in the desert my mom was Terrified!!! It felt bumpy but I wasn’t scared.

Camel Cam


 I asked if the camel could run. The man said yes and he took me for a ride.


camel cam run

Running on the camel


 When we were  in the desert I got off and took some photos of it then I went back  on again and  then it ran sooo fast I bumped my butt on the camel!

I liked the ride. I would rate it a 5 out of 5.

camel end



Then we went to have some hot chocolate and snacks in the desert. It was awesome. 

My mom says: Thanks to Samsara luxury resort and Suryagarh for organizing our great adventure.