Happy New Year.  

My  top 12  moments are…    

1 Riding horses in Alberta

Horseback riding on Chip.

Horseback riding on Chip.


2 Eating dumpling in china

They're delicious!!!

They’re delicious!!! :)

 Doing Thai boxing in  Thailand

boxing is really fun with him

boxing is really fun with him

4 Doing Wild Wadi in  Dubai

 it's fun :) !

on my friend Larry’s shoulders at wild wadi. We met him in India!

5  When I did  Legoland in London

Wow that"s awsome

Wow first time

Love driving becuase it is really fun

Love driving because it is really fun

6  Watching the  Calgary-stampede in Calgary

 we watched it and it was fun :) :)

we watched it and it was fun :) :)

7 Feeding the monkey in Portugal

8 Hotel Caribe in Colombia when I met the licking dear



9 We caught a lobster in   New Brunswick

Delicious lobter

Delicious lobster I love it

10 When we went swimming in Malaysia

I love that tower it is my best tower

11 “All Blacks” Rugby team in New Zealand

All Blacks wow love'it

All Blacks won!

12 coming home