It’s our 100th day of our trip and I’m really excited. Well, my mom planned this and if she didn’t plan this I wouldn’t be on this trip.

mom and cam

I love having 100 days with my mom

And I still can’t believe I’m in this trip. I just can’t believe it. Maybe soon I’ll believe it though.

papa smurf

I met papa smurf. Just kidding it's a cardboard. :)

It’s amazing. I really like that we are in Australia and now we are going to New Zealand and it’s really great.

Japanese shop in Australia

Hanging with my brother in Australia

I love that I met new friends like Natalie and that I got to ride in golf carts too. I love that we met lots and lots of new friends like Dom and Quentin. It’s really fun.  I like being outside and in a new place and stuff.

mad door face

I saw a mad face on the door in China so I made a mad face too

See you next time on Cameron’s trip!!