In Patricia, Alberta, Mom, Dad, Cameron and I went to Dinosaur Provincial Park. At Dinosaur Provincial Park, I went on a bus tour, a hike and I camped there. During the hike, I started to learn about fossils. I learned that mudstone moves faster than sandstone and that wood can be a fossil.

hike dinosaur provincial park
I also learned that North America used to be broken through the middle and ice spread all over Canada then melted causing a flood. During the  hike, I also saw a bone bed. A bone bed is an area where fossils of dinosaurs are safely stowed.

photo 2

After eating lunch, I took a bus tour around the Badlands and I learned that it’s called the Badlands due to the lack of food and shelter.



I also learned that when Fossil hunters find fossils they wrap it, carry it with a pulley and put it gently in a cart.

IMG_0010 There are 4 ways to be certain it’s a fossil:

1. Shape (The fossil must look like it might be a bone or old piece of rock)
2. Texture (You should see bubbles to determine that it’s a fossil)
3. Colour (The bone has to have brown colour)
4. Lick test (To do the lick test, you must lick your finger, hold it on the fossil for 5 seconds, lift it slowly, it must stick.).


Cameron (my brother) with a dinosaur bone fossil

That night, I went glamping. It was glamping because our tent had a fridge, a fresh bed and an adapter. During a regular camping trip you would have nothing but food and a tent but glamping means that you have a merge of camping and being at home.

photo 4

The tours were very educational and I learned a lot during that day. I recommend that everyone should go there.