Today we went to the Eiffel tower. We were so excited to see the tower that we almost lost the camera.

on our way eiffel tower

This was the third time we tried to visit!

The first  time it was too late at night.

night tower eiffel

The tower was lit up but it was too late to go up.

The second time  it was raining and the line was too long!

sad Cam eiffel

I was sad.

The third time my mom couldn’t come but my dad and my brother Ethan came and we did it!!!!!!!:)

Eiffel boys

We did it!

It was awesome because we went to the top and we had hot chocolate.The hot chocolate was so hot!

hot chocolate eiffel tower

The hot chocolate was hot but good.

We climbed to the top! There were 1,665 steps. It was hard! Just kidding. We took the Elevator.

boys mid way Eiffel

Hello down there!

Then we started to go down between one to ten steps and we saw a dome. It was cloudy so we decided to go back up. It was hard. It made me glad I was never going up all the stairs.

View from Eiffel Tower

Here's what we saw from the top

It was really really fun :)

We took some photos and videos  ( I’ll post more later) then we went back to the hotel.

boys base eiffel tower