You know that there are different foods around the world and I am going to try them all.

This one is for China

So far in China I tried: Peking duck,

Peking duck



Dumpling 1

Mmmm! Dumpling with shrimp.

Dumpling 2

More, more dumplings:)!

Dumpling 3

Even more dumplings.:|




I Love noodles.:)

Chinese salami,

Meat tart,

Kung pao chicken,

Kung pao chicken

more birds?

Sweet & sour pork & more.

Oreo 1

We tasted the flavour of these Oreos

Oreo 2

More Oreos!:)


Here is some pomegranate.

fruit plate

This is my breakfast.

My favourite food was the sweet & sour ribs.

My least favourite food was the peanut Oreo wafers.

Thank you for viewing my post. zài jiàn! (That means goodbye in Mandarin)