GlobetrottingMama note: On our way home I asked Ethan and Cameron to share a bit about how they were feeling coming home. This is what they wrote:

My last post

by Ethan Davis
Today I am so excited because tomorrow we will be home with all my friends.
The whole trip meant a lot to me because we went to places that we never visited before and they where many stuff that I loved like the terra cotta warriors. We went to 29 countries in just a year which was impressive. We went to “cold” New Zealand, met friends from international continents and I even want to see everyone I mean everyone in my family tomorrow.


E and Dad

Me and my dad

I am going to miss traveling on planes and eating Thai food, dumplings and lots of international activities including zip-lining, learning , exploring and museums. I was waiting to come back the last 4 months of this trip. This was one of the most amazing trips I ever had. I cannot wait to see my school, classmates, my neighbours even my house in person. I am now happy to go back home, feel my bed, see the house and tell everyone close to my house that I’m back. So those are all the questions that I could think of and goodbye and I might do this trip again – who knows?

New Zealand Glacier rocks

Searching for cool rocks at a New Zealand Glacier

One last time

By Cameron Davis
My name is Cameron and I am very lucky! I am seven years old and I get to go around the world.

helicopter Cam

I flew in a helicopter in Alberta

I like when we went around the world for one year it was awesome !!!!! and I am almost home
from one whole year around the world I love it because it was fun;):) I will never forget this.

boys cooking thai

Learning to cook in Thailand.

That is my last post

Here’s our video (mom helped) of us on the way home: