Hi We are in Chengdu, China  and at the pandas

cam panda

This is me with the pandas.

and I can see the pandas eating the bamboo.

lots of pandas

We saw this group of pandas all eating bamboo.

There were big pandas

Big Panda

Big Panda!

and  the  pandas were little too

panda crib 2

soooo cute

and there were even red pandas

red panda

This is a red panda.

I took a photo with my family.


fam panda

My family with the pandas.

the pandas look like kung fu pandas.  They were black and white.

bamboo panda

This one looks like the Kungfu Panda. He is eating bamboo.

It was great. Have you ever seen a bear in a crib?  I think not.

panda crib

This baby panda is sleeping in a crib.


You should go there.

hd panda

Crazy Mom with the pandas