from Ethan and Cameron

It was amazing!

taj family photoToday we took a tour at the Taj Mahal. We took some photos and some jump shots.

E pinch taj

I didn't want to drop the Taj Mahal on the people

The Taj Mahal was being built for 26 years. It was completed In 1648 and people made the Taj Mahal by hand!

heading to taj

Did you know that the Taj Mahal was a tomb? The emperor built it for his wife and he was going to build another one for himself in black but he died in 1666.

taj mahal
The Taj Mahal


Did you know that when they built the Taj Mahal they made the pillars on the four corners lean out so that if they fell they wouldn’t fall on the main structure?


taj distance

This is the Taj Mahal. See the pillars?

Did you know that the design on the building is “inlay.” That means that they carved into the marble and put colourful stones in for decoration – like a puzzle. :)

marble inlay

The white is the marble. The green, orange and red are the coloured stones. cool huh?

We would recommend a visit to every single tourist – unless you already saw it.