At the Elephant Hills Rainforest Camp in Thailand, we went swimming in the lake because we wanted to swim with our new friend. Juliette is the name of my new friend. Juliette is from Holland.


My friend Juliette

We hung out with each other, we saw the Thai dancers dancing, and we played Uno together European version. (See below.)

Thai Dancers

We learned Thai Dancing together!

We all jumped in together to swim in the lake to have a great time. We played a little bit of Jenga because I wanted to play with a friend, and we all had lunch together –  we also have some photos to show you.

pre jump lake

Ready, Set.......




The rules for the European version of Uno

#1, Same rules as Canadian Uno


#2 when you play a zero, all the players have to give their cards to the player next to them in the direction of the game