We spent some time at the library in Alexandria.

outside Alexandria library

It has around 11 floors including B1,E and F1.  It has the world’s largest reading centre (on floors B4, B3, B2 and B1), a children’s library for ages 6-12 and a young person library for ages 12-16. Those libraries have fairy tales, Arabian books and more.

inside Alexandria library There is a museum for Anwar Sadat. He was an important man. He was the third president of Egypt.  There is also a planetarium and the library has its own international free website named www.bibalex.org which has over 200,000 books online.

We took a photo with a statue of Alexander the Great. He found this piece of land and named it after himself.

Alexandria Great library boys

The entire library has over 1,000,000 books.

The library has a roof that looks likes it’s going down like a slope. It was built to work like eyelids and help keep the glare out of the library while letting in the light. Also the library has walls that suck the noise into them so that the library stays quiet even when there are a lot of people.

Alexandria library roof

There are three buildings including the planetarium and did you know that you can access all three buildings without moving a foot outside?

library walk AlexandriaI would have stayed longer to tell you more but we did not have enough time.

Remember: The library is in Alexandria, Egypt.

I wanted to live in it.

Exploratorium Alexandria library