I went to the pyramids in Cairo, Egypt. There are three big pyramids called the Giza pyramids.

pyramids gizaThere is one for Cheops, one for Kefren and one for Mykonos (Mickey). The king, the son and the grandson. And there are three small ones for the King’s mother, wife and daughter.

family camels pyramid

We rode camels and took pictures here.

We also touched the pyramids and climbed the pyramids.

family on pyramid

We climbed the big pyramid. You could only go part way.

The biggest pyramid is 137 metres tall and the top is missing!

pyramid stone

The pyramid stones were bigger than me!

Then I took a photo with the sphinx then I rode on a camel and we took a picture at the pyramids. It felt as usual like the other times we rode it.

family sphinx pyramid


At night there is a light show where they show the pyramids and the sphinx and they change colours with lights. We didn’t go to that.

kissing sphinx

I kissed the sphinx! Just kidding it was a camera trick.

When I left home I expected everything to be sand in Egypt and I thought that the pyramids would be a lot smaller.

night giza pyramid

This is the big pyramid at night

I realized that the pyramids were big and that there isn’t sand all over the place – there are roads and cars and trucks and stuff.

I like it here. It’s cool.